Booroobin Resolution


Whereas the eleventh International Democratic Education Conference (IDEC) meeting this year in Troy, New York,

USA, July 16th-24th espouses the principles of democratic education and supports educational choice and diversity worldwide;


And whereas this Conference was attended by people who represent 25 countries and 85 schools;

And whereas Australia and Queensland are respected as long standing democracies;


And whereas the Booroobin Sudbury School of Maleny, Queensland is recognized by IDEC as a strong example of a significant model of education based on participatory democracy which is used throughout the world;


And whereas the Booroobin Sudbury School follows a Natural Learning Curriculum which is responsive to the needs of all students including those with disabilities in an innovative and democratic manner;


And whereas the Queensland government’s Non-State Schools Accreditation Board proposes to withdraw the Booroobin Sudbury School’s accreditation;


Therefore, BE IT KNOWN that the majority of the people at the general meeting of the IDEC Conference on July 23, 2003 did resolve to urge the government of Queensland, Australia to support educational diversity and democratic education by allowing the Booroobin Sudbury School to continue to exist by renewing the current accreditation and continuing government recurrent funding in line with other independent schools.


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