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Booroobin Resolution passed at the annual IDEC meeting.



Conference Announcement:
October 16-18, 2003: "Teaching for Democratic Activism."  This is the 2003 conference of the Institute for Democracy in Education based in Ohio (not to be confused with the Institute for Democratic Education based in Tel Aviv).  Presenters include Roland Legiardi-Laura (film-maker of "The Fourth Purpose: The Enigma of Public School" and collaborator with John Taylor Gatto), Melanie Hiner of The New School of Newark, Delaware, and Dave Lehman of the Alternative Community School in Ithaca, New York.  For more information, go to or contact Jo Caya at (740) 593-4531 or



We are asking those in attendance to help us in a few ways:
  • We need pictures!  We want to create a massive picture archive of the conference and need your assistance.  For info on how to send pictures, visit our picture page here.  
  • Your comments, thoughts and reflections on the conference!  Visit our comments page here to add your own.
  • Articles on workshops, speeches and other events that took place.  We will, hopefully, soon be posting transcripts of speaker presentations, but we would also like articles on workshops and other events that may have taken place, if you held, or were a part of, one of these events and would like to see it on the website, please send me anything you have!

You can send anything and everything to:  

(if you choose to send the pictures by way of attachment, please send them to


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